You are our partner in the project whose main aim is YOU. we listen to you, understand your underlying needs and accompany you step by step to get to a clear vision of what you want, where your passion lies, as well as your purpose and change you so require for a more fulfilled and happy life.

Our established assessment tools and business know-how ensure our full understanding of your personality and potential, and our personalized comprehensive approach is fully devoted to your journey toward reaching your expected goals and success.

In addition, the activity-based training methods and practical learning applied in our workshops are designed to meet your professional requirements and the needs of the ever-changing modern business environment.



CoreChange (formerly Career Counseling and Coaching) is an international career, executive and life coaching firm based in Lebanon. Founded and managed by Roula Saba Mouhanna, certified corporate coach and qualified consultant in the Birkman Method®, CoreChange provides services ranging from career assessment and counseling, to executive trainings for businesses, to personal development guidance.